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Planet Horticulture is a Bay Area landscape and garden design studio creating amazing landscapes that are creatively brilliant, environmentally intelligent and ecologically friendly.

Check Out Our Work

Residential Gardens are a specialty

Residential Gardens »

An extension of the home, a personal garden ideally reflects the tastes and functional needs of the residents. Combining award-winning artistic skills and sound ecological principles, Planet Horticulture creates beautiful residential landscaping in harmony with the environment. Using organic and sustainable practices, we build landscapes that are an integral part of a healthy life.


Public & Commercial Landscapes »

Landscaping is a way for organizations to give their viewers an important first impression. The landscape setting echos an organizations’ mood and energy. Planet Horticulture designs reflects that style while also employing operational techniques to minimize waste and ensure ecological sensitivity. Be in the forefront by creating a public landscape that is visually effective while being kind to the planet.


Natural Areas & Native Plants »

Residential and public landscapes often include restoration or preservation of native habitats that with proper management can be a great source of pride for the landowner. Planet Horticulture has great expertise in California native plants and understanding native ecology. Quality natural habitats represent an irreplaceable asset to both local species diversity and the health of our planet.


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