From Sonoma County

Urns as Sculpture

Urns of any scale can be an easy and effective way of adding visual interest to any garden. But large urns are especially impressive.

Maybeck Cottage garden 1

A large tijana or olive oil urn from Portugal anchors a lush planting in this Berkeley CA garden.
(Photo by Marion Brenner).

Calistoga CA retreat garden 6


This tijana complements the large-scale plantings in this Napa Valley garden.  In the foreground a large Beschorneria (a Central American spineless agave-like succulent) is starting to produce its flower spike.

Calistoga CA retreat garden extra 12

This smaller urn is an attractive accent in this stroll garden of drought-tolerant, low maintenance garden.

Starting Big

Weeping Atlas Cedar

Planet Horticulture uses plants of all sizes from 2″ liners to amazing specimen trees. In this West Sonoma County garden we planted a uniquely trained 80 year old weeping Atlas cedar. A slow growing form of a drought tolerant North African native, this tree provide a powerful focal point and screening for the front yard of this delightful 19th century farm house. Once it was installed, it seemed like it had been part of the original landscape.

Guadalupe Island Palm

Brahea edulis, the Guadalupe Island palm, a rare endemic native of islands off the coast of northern Baja Mexico is very slow growing in cultivation and is also drought tolerant and among the hardiest of palms. This specimen was estimated to be more than 40 years old and helped to create an instant oasis effect in this wine country poolside garden.

Ancient Olive

The clients of this newly built modern home in the Oakland Hills wanted to start the landscape with as many mature trees as possible. We chose this special ancient olive as a focal point for the main entry courtyard. This gnarly old tree gave the house a more human scale making it seem more at home in the landscape.